Can An Instant Pot Deep Fry?

When it comes to the instant pot, it’s possible to assume you can prepare almost everything with it. It comes with so many options making it convenient.

But everything has its limit. And when it comes to the instant pot, deep frying is a no. It does other things like air frying and pan-frying that will leave your food crispy and sweet.

Deep frying using an instant pot is not okay and is dangerous. In this article, you will learn why you should not deep fry using the instant pot, and at the same time, you will learn other methods you can use to cook your food using less oil and leave the food crispy

Why instant pot can’t deep fry

Deep frying is a cooking method that requires food to be submerged in the cooking oil. Apart from that, the oil needs to be at a very high temperature for it to cook.

The cooking oil requires a long period of boiling to cook the food in it. It also needs a lot of attention, like turning the food to ensure it cooks on all sides.

The way an instant pot is built, it can’t sustain boiling oil. Also, we know most instant pot recipes don’t require much attention. All one needs is to place all you want to cook in the pot, close the lid, and set the timer.

The instant pot is designed to work with water. It’s safety measures are lined with water and boiling point of water. On the other hand, the oil needs a very high temperature to boil. It may end up burning the instant pot instead.

The pressure valve on the pot will not work with oil as that is not how it is designed. Most modes in the instant pot are preset. This makes deep-frying hard as there is no mode for it.

If you decide to deep fry with your instant pot, you will end up with uncooked food and the probability of starting a fire as the pot is likely to explode from the oil’s high temperature is high.

Instant pots are designed to work with high temperatures, but it’s different when it comes to boiling oil. All the safety measures are made in line with water and not oil. So if you need to deep fry a meal gets a pressure fryer or use the regular pots to avoid accidents.

The pressure cooker function on the instant pot should also not be used in deep frying. The pressure cooker is known to support high temperature, and deep-frying needs a high temperature. So it may seem right to use the pressure cooker function for deep frying. But that’s a bad idea.

The pressure cooker function relies on the steam produced by the water to develop the pressure that helps in the cooking process. When the food is ready, the pressure valve opens naturally and releases the pressure in steam form.

On the other hand, the oil will not produce enough steam to help develop the pressure responsible for making sure the food is ready on time. Apart from that, the pressure valve will not open naturally as it is designed to work with water.

Frying chicken using an instant pot

Just because there is no deep-frying using an instant pot doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a crispy chicken made with an instant pot. There are other options which are even better. You can air fry the chicken. Using the air frying method, you will be able to come up with a crispy and healthier chicken as it won’t have a lot of fat in it.

You can even get an additional air fryer design for your instant pot that you can use to air fry your meal. This will make work easy for you and help you enjoy the cooking process even more.

Apart from that, you will come up with a delicious and healthy meal, unlike when you are using the deep frying method.

There are so many recipes on how to come up with delicious fried chicken. Check your instant pot smart app to select the one that works for you, depending on your preference.

Methods of frying food

There are three other methods of frying food. The first is deep-frying, air frying, and there is pan-frying. Pan-frying is where you use a small amount of oil and put it in a pan to cook food.

As seen above, deep frying is when the cooking oil submerges the food and should be at a very high temperature for the actual cooking to happen.

Pressure frying, on the other hand, is almost a combination of deep frying and pressure cooking. In pressure cooking, the oil is heated to a boiling point, and the pressure cooker uses the pressure to cook the meal. You can pressure fry with the pressure cooker when the pressure cooker is a stovetop and not electric.

Not all food can be cooked by frying. Oil is used in cooking as even after getting exposed to very high-temperature, oil doesn’t break down or start producing smoke.

When you fry food, the high temperature forms a coating on the outside part of the food, which prevents the juice from drying up and gives the food that delicious crispy feeling. At the end of it all, the food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Can you pan fry using an instant pot?

The answer is yes. On the instant pot, there is a mode that reads saute. Using this mode, you can use a small amount of oil to brown or sear your food. This function requires a little amount of oil, and if you need to cook something using the pressure cooking function after the saute, you need to drain the excess oil.

What other options do you have?

When it comes to deep-frying, it’s a big no with the instant pot. The options you have are pan-frying using the saute function or air frying your meal. The method will give you even better results than when you are deep-frying, and the options are healthy.

If you want to deep fry using the pressure cooker, you need to have the right gadgets to ensure safety. You can get a stovetop pressure cooker to help you in the process. Some of the stovetops are built in a structure that looks similar to a frying pan.

Things to have in Mind

You should never at no point use the pressure cooker function to deep fry your meal. It is dangerous as you may end up starting a fire or the pot producing toxic fumes. Apart from that, your food may not get cooked.

Never use the pressure cooker function on the instant pot to pressure fry. It can lead to the production of toxic fumes and can cause explosions. On the other hand, one can use the pressure cooker function to pan-fry but use little oil.

You should never cook on the pressure cooker using oil only. It should be water with oil or water only.

The instant pot was not designed to fry food. The saute function was made to make work easy. An example, you can use the function to fry vegetables like onions to add to the meal. Also, you can use it to sear meat before putting it for pressure cooking.

An instant pot is a multifunctional pot. And the best part is it gets even better. You don’t have to buy an extra air fryer that takes up your kitchen space. You can get an air fryer lid. The air fryer lid you use on the instant pot and place it on top of the pot or the lip place.

The best part is you can get an air fryer lid that is transparent, and you will be able to track your food progress and stop the air fryer when the food gets to the point you want.

It will help you save space and make the instant pot even more functional, and that way, you can enjoy healthy meals without many hustles.


An instant pot is almost an all in one pot. You can cook almost all your meals faster and without creating a whole mess in the kitchen. The food takes a short time to get ready, and it has a safety mechanism that prevents food from burning for those who easily forget.

Although an instant pot doesn’t deep fry food, it provides you with other options like pan-frying using the pressure cooker sauteing, and best of all, you have an option of getting an air fryer lid and using it on the instant pot. The air frying option is almost the same as deep-frying, but it gives you more healthy options that don’t have much fat in them.

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