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Can Instant Pot Cook Rice

Is it possible to cook rice with your instant pot? This is a question that people ask all the time. The answer is yes; you can cook rice with your instant pot and cook it in the shortest time possible. The best thing about using an instant pot is that all your meals will be ready in a few minutes.

But when cooking rice with your instant pot, there are points you need to have in mind to be able to cook perfect rice. An example is the ratio of water and rice should be 1:1.

This is different from when you cook rice using the regular pots, which in most cases, one uses the ratio of 1:2. In this article, you will learn how to cook rice using an instant pot and the tips to have in mind to come up with the best-cooked rice.

Cooking rice with an instant pot

Some factors determine how good your rice comes out. One is how old the rice is, the water you use to cook the rice, and the type of rice. As seen before, when using a regular pot, the ratio of rice to water is 1:2, but when using a rice cooker, the water ratio doesn’t matter.

But when it comes to the instant pot, the ratio must be 1:1 at all times. The only thing that you can consider changing is time depending on the type of rice and the age. But all in all, when using an instant pot for cooking rice, it should take you between four minutes to eight minutes.

When cooking rice with an instant pot, you should follow the method below to ensure you get it right and avoid getting the “burn” message or undercooking the rice.

Method to use when cooking rice in an instant pot

Step one

Measure the dry rice you intend to cook. After measuring the rice, put it in the inner pot of the instant pot and remove the inner pot from the base and place it on your sink or somewhere near a water source.

Step two

The next step is rinsing the rice. Put water in the inner pot. The level of water should go a few levels above the rice level. Rinse the rice until the water is clear. This way, you are assured the rice is completely clean.

The process will take around four rinses to get clear water. After the water is clear drain all the water.

Step three

Fill the inner pot with water at the exact ratio to the rice. Or you can work with the water that was clear after the rinse. Ensure always when cooking rice no matter the type the ratio of water is the same if you want to get perfect rice.

Step four

Put the inner pot back in the instant pot and select the “rice” setting on the cooking program. After that, seal the pot by closing the pressure release valve to contain all the liquid inside the pot to develop pressure that helps in the cooking process.

The rice function is designed to cook normal white rice, which runs from 10 to 12 minutes. Wait for the rice to cook for the given time and give it around 15 minutes to release the pressure naturally if you want your rice perfect.

Step five

After all, the pressure is released and there is no more steam coming from the pot, open the lid. At this point, the smell of the freshly cooked rice should hit you.

Take a fork and run it on the top layer of the rice. By running the fork, you fluff the grains of the rice and at the same time mix the water residue on the bottom part of the pot.

When cooking the regular white rice, the above method will give you the perfect rice. You may tweak the method a little bit by adding a little spice or adding other liquids and the cooking time depending on how you like your rice.

Tips to have in mind when using an instant pot for cooking rice

Apart from the method above, to be able to cook the perfect rice using the instant pot, you need to have some points in mind. The tips below will help you understand the method and remember why you have to use the above method.

The manual pressure cooking function

As noted above, the rice function on the instant pot is for cooking regular white rice. So, what do you do when you are cooking a different type of rice? If the type is different, select the “pressure cooking” function on the smart program. Some models may call the function “manual”.

At this point, adjust the cooking time depending on the grain. An example, when cooking Basmati white rice, it will take four to eight minutes. When cooking Jasmine rice, it should take three to five minutes for it to be fully cooked. For long or short brown rice, the cooking time is longer; it is 22 to 30 minutes when using the manual function.

How the instant pot method works

The ratio of 1:1 seems unreal compared to how a regular pot cooks. But when using an instant pot, the rice needs to absorb the exact ratio of water to cook. First, the rice has water that is absorbed during the washing process. Apart from that, the pot is sealed, and no steam evaporates at any point during the cooking process.

With the 1:1 ratio, you will get the perfect texture. But different people have different tastes when it comes to rice. If you love your rice softer, add a little bit of water. But when you use less than 1:1 water on the rice, your rice will not be evenly cooked.

Is rinsing the rice a must?

Rinsing the rise is hygienic. Apart from that, when you rinse the rice, you remove some starch from the rice. Also, as seen above during the rinsing process, the rise can absorb some amount of water that helps in the cooking process.

But rinsing rice is not a must. In case you decide you will not rinse the rice ensure you use an extra tablespoon of water to cover for the water that is absorbed in the rinsing process.

What is the exact time that one should cook the rice using the instant pot?

Giving the exact time is hard because of different preferences.

Apart from that, the time you cook your rice depends on the amount of rice you are cooking. If the rice you are cooking is a lot or you want the outcome of softer rice, you will need an extra amount of time.

All you need is to ensure you stop the cooking process by the time all the water in the rice is absorbed. You know when all the water is absorbed when you open the lid and find there is no water in the rice after stirring using a fork.

Is using the natural release of pressure necessary when cooking rice?

Yes, when you wait for the pressure to drop naturally before opening, your rice doesn’t stick at the bottom of the inner pot. But I understand at times you are in a hurry and can’t wait for an extra 15 minutes for the pressure to release. But to get good rice at least wait for 10minutes before releasing the pressure naturally.

When the pressure is getting out naturally ensure the “keeping warm” setting is off to prevent the rice from getting stuck at the bottom due to the extra heat in charge of keeping the rice warm.

Is there a limit to how much rice I can cook with my instant pot?

Yes, when cooking something that expands using the instant pot, it shouldn’t go past half the pot to give what you are cooking space to expand. Apart from that if the rice you are cooking is less than one cup, don’t use the instant pot.

The least amount of rice you should cook using the instant pot is a full cup. When cooking rice that is half the pot add one minute to the cooking time to ensure it cooks completely.

Can one use something else apart from water?

Yes, you can substitute water with other liquids like chicken, beef, or vegetable stock. All you need is to ensure they are in the ratio of 1:1. In case you use a thick liquid, you need to use it together with water to avoid the rice sticking at the bottom of the inner pot. Some of the thick liquid that needs water includes coconut milk.

You can add other spices like lime juice to add some taste to the rice or any other spice that you prefer on your rice.

Adding salt or butter to your rice is optional. It depends on how you love to take your rice. Adding both will not affect the cooking process.


The instant pot is a lifesaver. It will help in cooking your rice fast, and when you use the above method, your rice will be perfect. Try it and see how that works for you.

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