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Can Refrigerators Doors Be Removed for Delivery

The answer is, Yes, refrigerator doors can be removed for delivery. Delivery people usually remove the refrigerator doors when the appliance is big and cannot fit through the door.

In most cases, big refrigerators have bigger doors that make it difficult to move the fridge through most doorways. Moving a refrigerator can be a daunting task, as these bulky appliances are super sensitive.

A small mistake can damage your fridge completely. Refrigerators come with fragile components that require you to handle them with care. Moreover, it’s expensive to repair or replace a fridge.

When moving a fridge through a small doorway, experts recommend removing the door to avoid damages. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to remove a fridge door.

If you watch how the delivery pros do it, you will realize that it’s straightforward to remove a refrigerator door. You may not even need to consult the manufacturer’s manual as the removal process is the same for most models. Here is how to remove a refrigerator door safely.

How to Remove a Refrigerators Door Safely

1. Disconnect the Water Line and Electrical Cable

If the refrigerator has a water dispenser, ice maker, or even both located in the door, you need to disconnect the water line and the electrical cable. If the refrigerator is connected, you need to unplug it, especially if there is an ice maker in the door.

2. Remove the Front Grille

The next thing is removing the front grille from the bottom of the refrigerator. You can remove it by pulling. For GE refrigerators, you can remove the front grille with the doors closed, but for Whirlpool models, the doors must be open and set 90 degrees to the fridge.

This is because the waterline is located right behind the grille, and you remove it by pulling the supply hose from the connector.

If the ice maker’s electrical cable is next to the waterline, you can detach it by pulling it apart. In GE and Frigidaire models, the cable usually runs under a cap on the top joint. For such models, you unscrew and remove the lid to remove the connector.

3. Take Off the Door

Once you have detached the waterline, electrical cable, and front grille, you can now remove the door. To take off the door, you need an Allen wrench or a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew and detach the hinge bracket on the top of the refrigerator’s door. The screws are usually three in most models.

4. Lift the Door

After removing the three screws on the hinge bracket, you can lift the door off the pivot. You will want to be extra careful since the door can be heavier than you expected.

If the door is too heavy for you, you may want to get a helper to lift and lean it against the wall. However, for Whirlpool refrigerators, you will need to lay the door on a towel instead of leaning it against the wall.

Other Removable Parts When Moving a Refrigerator

When moving a fridge, you should remove all the shelves, drawers, and trays for safe transportation. Then you can carefully pack these parts with your dishes as part of your fragile kitchenware. Keep in mind that it’s hard to find replacements for these parts, and if you find them, they can be quite expensive.

Conclusion on Can Refrigerators Doors Be Removed for Delivery

While you can be bothered when your fridge arrives with a separate door, there is no harm with removing the door for delivery. Delivery men will remove the door if the refrigerator doesn’t fit through some doorways.

Apart from delivery, refrigerator doors can also be removed for other instances, like when replacing the door or throwing away an old fridge.

Old refrigerators have to be removed doors as they pose a risk when abandoned with the door. Someone can get locked inside. If you want to move your refrigerator to a room that has a small door, you can remove the door by following the above guidelines.

Are refrigerators delivered with doors off

A new fridge will be delivered without doors in situations where it’s difficult to get it through a doorway. Removing the doors allows it to be manoeuvred into position more easily.

The retailer’s delivery people will usually be trained to disassemble then reassemble the door once the fridge is inside. Buying a refrigerator is something that you will do at least a couple of times during your lifetime.

Whereas back in the old days, a family would own a single refrigerator for up to 30 years or even more, these days we change it every few years.

Part of this is due to the desire to upgrade to a bigger or better one or to match a remodeled kitchen better. Buying a new refrigerator is one thing but moving it into the house can be another thing altogether. In certain instances, you may need to remove the doors of the fridge in order for you to be able to move it into the house.

Are all fridges delivered with doors off?

Not all fridges are delivered with the doors off. A large number of single door and top and bottom door fridges are easy to get in and out of the house.

When it comes to double door fridges though, it becomes more of a challenge. The types of doors you have at your house also play a part in whether or not the doors on the fridge need to be removed.

If you have double leafed or French doors in your house, there really isn’t any need to have the fridge doors removed.

How do I know whether I need to remove refrigerator doors for delivery?

Appliance retailers like Home Depot provide a simple guide to help you when moving your refrigerator into the house. It allows you to determine whether or not it is necessary for them to remove the doors of your new fridge before making a delivery.

They ask you to measure the path of delivery. This means that you will need to measure the path that your refrigerator is going to take on its way through your house to the place where it will be situated. Getting the fridge through the door is only one part of the challenge.

You will also need to make sure that the path to the final position in your house has sufficient room to move the fridge through. It’s also important to measure the space where the fridge is finally going to be placed. This is the case for fitted kitchens where the space for the fridge is part of the layout of the room.

Do the delivery guys remove the doors?

Most delivery personnel for the major stores have the expertise to remove and replace refrigerator doors when they make a delivery.

In older model fridges, the process of removing the doors s pretty much straight forward. Refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers are a different story though. They have mechanisms and electrical connections connecting the door and the body so you will need some expertise in order to remove the doors.

Depending on the make and model of the fridge, there will be pipes and electrical wires which need to be disconnected then reconnected once the fridge is inside the house. Removing and reinstalling these is a delicate process.

You can risk damage to the pipes or electrical connectors f you don’t do things properly. Even when you disconnect the doors the right way, you may fail to put it back together properly.

This may lead to the mechanisms connected to the door not working properly. The major fridge brands have also started releasing smart refrigerators. This means more electronics which in turn require a higher level of expertise in the removal and reassembly of doors.

If you have a good attitude when it comes to electronics or DIY in general, you can use the manufacturer’s tutorial to remove the fridge doors. Most of them will have some video tutorials or manuals on YouTube or their website. If you follow the steps to the tee, you really shouldn’t have a lot of trouble doing this job yourself.

For most door spaces, removing the doors should get the job done. However, there are some instances where the spaces may be a lot more constrained. In such cases, you will also need to remove the door hinge latches as these can prevent the fridge from getting through tight spaces.

Why Some Retailers Deliver Refrigerators with Doors Off

In some cases, refrigerators will be delivered to retailers from the manufacturers disassembled. This means that only the showroom units will be assembled for display.

In such cases, the retailer only needs to do the natal assembly once they deliver to their client. This is a lot more convenient for them as it allows for easier storage, transportation, and installation at the final destination.


Refrigerators can be delivered with doors on or off. A number of factors go into the final determination of whether the doors should be on or off. Among these are things like the path of delivery and the final position which the fridge will occupy.


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