unplugging and plugging a fridge

Can You Unplug a Fridge and Plug It Right Back In

Unplugging your refrigerator and re-plugging it immediately afterward might not result in the starting of the compressor. This is mainly because of the buildup of pressure.

The compressor of the fridge is an essential component for the functioning of the gadget. It might become damaged in case you unplug and re-plug the refrigerator immediately.

Therefore, the most sensible thing will be to wait for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to switching on the fridge once again. Nevertheless, it is not harmful to leave your fridge unplugged for a longer duration.

Moreover, the temperature begins to rise once the refrigerator is unplugged and the moisture will be retained. This is ideal for the development of microorganisms and bacteria.

It will become even worse in case the door of the fridge is closed which can result in a very bad smell within the fridge.

In case you are going on a vacation for quite some time then what is going to happen to your fridge in your residence? Simply keeping the fridge switched on will be increasing your energy bills.

Apart from this, it is also risky to store the food within the refrigerator for a considerable period of time. Although it might be okay to keep the food in the fridge for a couple of weeks, it doesn’t make any sense to keep it like that for more than one month.

Does Unplugging the fridge damage it?

If you’re going on a vacation for several months

It will be prudent to plug off the fridge in case you are going on vacation for several months. However, before doing that make sure to take the temperature of the fridge high and then stick to the following instructions after plugging it off from the socket.

Firstly, completely empty the refrigerator. After removing everything from it, wait until the temperature of the device is reduced to normal temperature.

Following this, make sure to clean the refrigerator’s interior comprehensively so that the moisture and the smell within it vanish completely.

In case the shelves, drawers, and baskets of the refrigerator are removable then do not hesitate to remove them and clean those using household ingredients such as toothpaste, baking soda, lemon, or vinegar. Remember to clean the door gaskets and the freezer of the refrigerator.

In case the device comes with features such as water dispensers and ice makers then ensure to cut off the water supply prior to plugging it off. Once the fridge has been cleaned, make certain that every part of it is dry.

Make use of dry cloth or paper towels for drying it. Bad smell can be formed by the moisture which is left in the refrigerator. For removing the moisture, you can make use of moisture absorbers such as grounded coffee powder, baking soda, charcoal briquettes, damp-free moisture absorbers, silica gel sachets, and so on.

The door of the refrigerator should be somewhat open so that it is possible for air to circulate. For keeping the doors open, it will be advisable to place a towel between the refrigerator and the doors or the drawers can be pulled out somewhat out of the refrigerator which will prevent the door from becoming closed.

However, in case there are rats in your residence then you should take the required preventative measures so that rats will not be able to damage your fridge.

After returning from your vacation, simply take out the absorber from the fridge and then plug it on. Once the fridge is turned on, make sure to reduce its temperature. This will help to save you a considerable amount of money by reducing the consumption of electricity and your refrigerator will also not get damaged.

You’re going on a vacation for only a few weeks

It will be advisable to keep the refrigerator turned on in case you go for a vacation for only a few weeks. If there is more stuff in the refrigerator, more electricity will be consumed.

Therefore it will be prudent to get rid of the stuff from the fridge as much as possible. The fridges in the past used to be direct cool technology refrigerators and these are entirely different from the contemporary inverter technology refrigerators of today.

More electricity is consumed by direct cool refrigerators as compared to their counterparts. In case your refrigerator is a contemporary one, then it is not recommended for you to turn it off for short durations. However, if it is a previous model, then you should unplug the fridge and stick to the steps mentioned in the first case.



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