can instant pot air fry

Do Instant Pots Air Fry

Yes, Instant Pots can be air fry just by adding an attachment. This attachment can convert not only an instant pot but also any pressure cooker with 6 or 8 quart capacity into an air fryer.

An instant Pot is one of the widely used tools in any kitchen as it takes nearly 20 minutes to deliver chicken teriyaki to your table from the freezer.

In this way, you need not buy several appliances as it can pressure cook your food, cook your rice, make stews, sauté foods as well as roast vegetables and meats, etc. just by pressing a button.

But, it could not air fry your food as done by air fryers. This problem was also solved by someone. He used an attachment of Air Fryer Lid to change any electrical pressure cooker including Instant Pot into a device to air fry things.

In this way, you can enhance your kitchen tool just by purchasing a few accessories including a basket for air frying, tongs made of stainless steel, and other essentials including the Lid by spending a few bucks.

Thus by using a special Lid with the Instant Pot you regularly use in your kitchen you can easily expand your cooking expertise by using it as an air fryer.

This innovative air fryer promises to give you crunchy and crispy foods with a golden finish every time by using EvenCrisp technology. Now you can boil water, broil, roast, bake, dehydrate, reheat, and air fry your food directly in the inner pot of your Instant Pot and save a lot of space and time while cleaning it up.

Thus it can allow you to air fry golden crispy food as well as pressure cook your food in one device just by using this lid or not.

How Instant Pot air fryer works?

The working of Instant Pot as an air fryer is very easy to understand. You only have to buy this attachment and other accessories required to air fry food.

Now you have to select the temperature and settings of cooking food and add the attachment to your Instant Pot. it will air fry, and broil crispy foods for you in due time.

You will enjoy the texture, flavor, and crunch you usually experience while eating fried food without consuming too much fat. A considerably lesser amount of fat is used in air frying food than frying it with traditional methods.

Benefits of using Instant pot air fryer Easy to use:

The use of this special Lid on your Instant pot can make your kitchen more skillful as anyone can use it easily to prepare healthy meals quickly and have fun.

You can stir up big chicken or tender ribs in the Instant pot you regularly use in your kitchen and then give them a beautiful brownish finish just by using your the Lid.

Convenience: It is very easy to use, clean, and store the Lid as it remains unattached to the base of your pressure cooker. After cleaning this lid you can store it safely in a protective cover.

Easily accessible controls: The control panel of the lid includes various types of buttons to meet all of your cooking needs. It has a bright display to read it easily.

Smartly programmed: Air Fryer Lid includes 6 predetermined Smart Programs to allow you to choose the type of cooking you want to do or customize your cooking experience by modifying its settings just by pressing the buttons on its control panel.

EvenCrisp technology: It provides you taste of deep-fried food even without using any oil due to the EvenCrisp technology used in this lid.

It promises to provide you juicy tender meals every time with a golden and crispy finish. Now you can use less than two tablespoon oil to make healthy and crispy French fries, golden battered vegetables, or chicken wings perfectly.

Endless cooking possibilities with one appliance and two lids: You can easily convert your Instant Pot or pressure cooker you usually use in your kitchen and use it as an air fryer just by changing its regular lid with the attachment Lid and air fry your food just by pressing a button.

Thus an Instant Pot can air fry food items just by adding an attachment.

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