how long do you have to wait to put food in a new refrigerator?

How Long Before Putting Food in New Fridge: Should You Wait?

2 to 24 hours, depending on the refrigerator brand. If you just bought a new fridge, you must be thinking of when is the right time to test out its cooling capabilities.

Refrigerators are expensive and delicate appliances that require you to be extra careful when handling them. So, you will want to know the exact time to wait before loading up your food in it.

Generally, the average waiting time is 12 hours after plugging your new refrigerator. However, various factors like your fridge’s brand and how your fridge was transported will also determine how long you should wait.

For instance; LG refrigerators have a shorter waiting time as you only have to wait for 2 to three hours. For other models like Whirlpool, you need to wait for 24 hours.

This text will help you learn the right amount of time you should wait to put food in your new refrigerator. Read on to learn more!

How Long Do You have to Wait to Put Food in a New Refrigerator?

The time you should wait before you put food in your fridge also depends on how long you wait before starting your fridge.

Fridges have internal pipes that transmit lubricants and gases for the optimum functioning of your fridge. It would be best if you allowed these pipes to settle down before you switch on your fridge.

This will help prevent many problems and increase the performance of your fridge. If you shipped your fridge in an upright position, then you must wait for at least two hours before you start your fridge.

However, if you shipped the fridge in a horizontal position, you will have to give it more time. In this case, the minimum time you wait should be more than four hours. In some fridges like Whirlpool, you may have to wait for 24 hours before you start it. To be sure about the time you should wait, you can refer to the user’s manual or consult your manufacturer.

How Long Should You Wait Before Loading Hot Food into The Refrigerator?

While you can load hot food into a fridge, it is not advisable at all. The primary function of the refrigerator is to prevent food from going bad and preserve its flavor.

If you place hot food in a fridge, it might lose its flavor and make the fridge work extra hard. Also, the food's steam will only add to the ice load on the walls of the fridge.

You should always let the food cool down completely before loading it into the fridge. The waiting time will depend on the type and amount of food in context.

The average waiting time for a smaller amount of food is two hours, while larger foods can go up to four hours. It will also help if you divide larger foods into smaller portions for faster cooling. For a new fridge, you should wait for even longer for the food to cool down completely to avoid problems.

What to Do Before Loading Food into a New Fridge

1. Clean the fridge

Many people don’t see the need to clean a brand-new refrigerator. However, it is essential to clean the fridge before using it. Refrigerators are manufactured using chemicals, some of which may remain in the fridge.

Besides, it also undergoes other processes like packing and shipping, all of which are open doors for dirt to enter. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your fridge thoroughly to remove any dirt before you start using it.

2. Connect It to Power

Depending on the fridge brand and how you shipped it, you might have to wait for hours before you plug it into power. Most fridges should be ready for plugging after two to four hours of waiting.

There are those like Whirlpool that you can wait up to 24 hours. You can refer to the user manual that comes with your fridge for the exact time for your fridge.

3. Take Note of the Temperatures

After every half an hour, you should check the temperature reading on your fridge. It should read below 40 degrees F before you can get any food in it.

4. Put Your Food in the Fridge

Once the correct temperature readings show on the fridge, you can arrange your food nicely in your new fridge. If the food is hot, allow it at least two hours to cool down completely before putting it in the fridge. Arranging your food will enable you to access the one that you want to consume without any hassles.

Can You Use a New Refrigerator Immediately?

Putting food in the fridge immediately after delivery can cause a lot of problems. If you start your fridge immediately after it is delivered, you may spoil it. Not all fridges have a solid warranty and it will take longer before it reaches the required cooling temperatures.

Also, if you put food before the required temperatures, you will strain the fridge, and the food may take longer before it gets cooled. The food can also go bad and introduce foul odors.

The last thing everybody wants is a foul smell in a brand-new fridge. You can avoid this by letting your fridge sit for the required time.


There is no harm in waiting for the right time to load up foods in your new refrigerators to get the best out of it. No matter how much haste you are in, ensure to wait for the recommended time to avoid damaging your new appliance.

If not sure, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual to see the recommended waiting time. While waiting, you can install, clean, and prepare your fridge for loading.

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