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Is A Pressure Cooker The Same As An Instant Pot?

A pressure cooker and an instant pot are two different appliances. Yes, one can perform the task of the other, but it has more to that.

Pressure cookers have been there for centuries. Over the years, they have seen modifications, but still, they are not the same as instant pots.

An instant pot, on the other hand, is here to replace all the other kitchen appliances. They are a steamer, food warmer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauteing vessel, and at the same time, they are pressure cookers.

Under instant pot, there are five models, which include LUX, DUO, DUO PLUS, SMART, and the ULTRA.

All these models have some things in common: they all have a manual program, their cooking surface is stainless steel, and apart from that, they have a wide range when it comes to their capacity to cater to every customer need.

The two have so many differences, which you will learn in this article to help you make an informed decision if you are thinking of getting an instant pot to replace the pressure cooker or vise versa.

Instant pot

As learned above, instant ports come in different models. Every model has its modification to make it better than the other one. LUX and DUO are widely used as compared to other brands. The ULTRA and the SMART are high-end instant pots. They come with more specific features that make them more expensive and more convenient than other models.

The two models have features that allow the users to operate the instant pots on their phones by connecting with Bluetooth or WiFi. The smart model will enable you to customize all the programs to a point where it can handle almost all types of cooking tasks.

Pressure cookers

They were invented in 1679 by a French physicist. During those times, pressure cookers were mainly used for scientific functions, but they found their way to the kitchen fast. And they spread all around the world.

Pressure cookers come in two forms. There are the stovetop pressure cookers and the electric pressure cookers. Stovetop pressure cookers are still widely used as they are cheap and cook faster than other regular cooking methods.

Common facts about instant pots and pressure cookers

They are both appliances used in the kitchen. Apart from that, they are quick when it comes to cooking food and the person cooking uses the least amount of effort. They are all easy to clean and are compact to a way they can match with almost all the kitchen decorations.

When it comes to safety, they are all safe to use as they are tested and approved. You don’t have to worry about the explosion and starting a fire when using them unless you are not using them in the required way.

The difference between pressure cookers and instant pot

There is a huge difference between a pressure cooker and an instant pot. See all the differences below.

The difference in pressure when cooking under pressure

The one difference known by most people is that a pressure cooker has high pressure of 15PSI; this is a stovetop pressure cooker. On the other hand, the instant pot has a pressure of 12PSI.

But I hate to burst your bubble. That information is not entirely true. The information was true until the instant pot came up with the new model MAX which has 15PSI. Some instant models have lower pressure than the stovetop pressure cooker, but the latest model has the same highest pressure.

The difference is that the stovetop pressure cooker achieves high pressure faster than the instant pot. For an instant pot and any other electrical cooker, it takes 15 to 25 minutes to get to the needed pressure. On the other hand, a stovetop takes around 11 minutes to get to the desired pressure.

Delay timer

When it comes to preparing food in advance, a delay timer comes in handy. You can plan your meal and delay the cooking to the time you will be available.

An instant pot has that feature, while on the other hand, a stovetop pressure cooker lacks the feature, but a few electric pressure cookers may have the feature.

People love the delay timer feature as you can set your oatmeal at night to get prepared in the morning; by the time you are waking up, the meal is ready. It’s good to note that oatmeal cooks best using the pressure cooker function. That way, you can save time in the morning.

The size and capacity

When it comes to size, it all depends on the capacity you need for your family. They both come in different sizes to make sure they cater to all their customer’s needs.

The different sizes that they have are 3quarts, 6quarts, and 8quarts. The capacity depends on the brand. For instant pots, the biggest they have is 8quarts, which can feed a capacity of 8 people.

All American brands came up with the biggest size for the pressure cookers, which is 41 quarts. The size depends on what you need in your kitchen.

For an 8quarts instant pot, it only takes up a small space in your kitchen. You can place it on the counter space if your kitchen is spacious.

Control panels

The regular pressure cookers don’t have control panels, but electric modern pressure cookers come with a straightforward control panel that makes it easy for every person to operate.

The buttons are labeled. All you need is to select what you want to cook and set the timer.

Also, the control panels on the pressure cooker vary with the brand. Some come up with food icons on the button to make it easy for everyone.

On the other hand, all instant pots come with control panels. The buttons are according to the different functions they serve and have a preset on every function, but you can manually change it.

The smart model of instant pots gets controlled through the phone to connect with the WiFi or through Bluetooth.

The cooking functions

For the cooking functions, the instant pot carries the day. It is an all in one pot. The instant pot replaces all the countertop appliances and does all their function in one place.

On the other side, the pressure cooker doesn’t have as many functions as the instant pot. It can perform a few functions. Also, it is mainly designed for pressure cooking, and so when using it for other functions, you need to be extra careful.

The price and warranty

Both of the appliances are mid-priced. But for stovetop, pressure cookers can be relatively cheap as compared to the instant pot. Most people can afford one. Some instant models can be expensive, especially the models that come with smart features.

When it comes to warranty, pressure cookers have a shorter warranty, which goes around 60 days. The instant pot has a longer warranty from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty in each appliance mainly depends on the brand as some have a longer warranty than others.

Here are the pros and cons of each:

Instant pot


Multiple functions- with an instant pot, you can do so much with rice cooking, sauteing, pressure cooking, and many more. You can even add an air fryer lid to air fry with it.
Safety features- an instant pot has so many safety features.

It has a burning feature where it stops heating when it senses the food is starting to burn. Its pressure valve operates naturally.

Different models come with an upgraded safety feature. Multiple models- instant pots are offering different models to choose from.

Each model has a special feature that makes it stand out—an example is a SMART model that’s connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. Don’t need much attention- with the instant pot. You can operate it away from the kitchen with your phone.


Too much function- the functions can be overwhelming. When you have so much to choose from, it’s easy to confuse at times.
It takes time to reach high pressure- as seen before, instant pots take too much time to reach the desired pressure.
It depends on electricity only- if there is no electricity, you can’t operate with the instant pot.

Stovetop pressure cooker


Cooks meals faster- When compared to regular cookers, it cooks meals way fast than the other cooking methods.
More space to brown meat- stovetop provides more space for cooking and browning meat. It browns meat better than other options.
Durable- stovetops are durable; they can serve you for years without even getting a minor issue.


Not multi function- it is not an all-in-one cooker as compared to an instant pot. It only has a few functions.
Noise- it produces a lot of noise during the cooking process as it releases the pressure.


From the above information, you can see the difference between the two appliances. The instant pot is a multifunctional appliance and will help you declutter your kitchen as you won’t need all the other appliances.

On the other hand, a stovetop pressure cooker is cheap and durable. So if you were planning to purchase one of them, from the infpressure cooker vs instant potormation above you will make an informed decision.

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